Game-Changer on stage 2022

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Daniel Büchel

SmartSuisse 2023 - Speaker Eichhorn

Thomas Eichhorn

Managing Director of Landesbetrieb Geoinformation und Vermessung Hamburg

SmartSuisse 2023 - Speaker Engelberger

Lukas Engelberger

Head of the Department of Health of the Canton of Basel-Stadt

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Christian Geiger

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Jürg Grossen

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André Golliez

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Florian Faber


SmartSuisse 2023 - Speaker Haas

Tigran Haas

Former Director of International Centre for the Future of Places (CFP) at KTH, Stockholm 

SmartSuisse 2023 - Speaker Himpele

Klemens Himpele

CIO of the City of Vienna

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Stefanie Ingold

SmartSuisse Game Changer Speaker 2021 Beat Jans

Beat Jans

SmartSuisse 2023 - Speaker Keller

Esther Keller

Government Councillor and Head of the Basel Department of Construction and Transport

SmartSuisse 2023 - Speaker Künzle

Michael Künzle

City President Winterthur 

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Martin Landolt

SmartSuisse 2023 - Speaker Maria Lezzi

Maria Lezzi

Director of the Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE

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Frank Naundorf

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Timonen Pekka

SmartSuisse 2023 - Speaker Thomas Rau

Thomas Rau

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Regula Rytz

SmartSuisse 2023 - Speaker Röthlisberger

Jürg Röthlisberger 

SmartSuisse 2023 - Speaker Schneider

Kristian Schneider

CEO Spitalzentrum Biel AG / Vizepräsident H+ 

SmartSuisse 2023 - Speaker Sillnaukee

Päivi Sillnaukee

Ambassador for Health and Wellbeing at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

SmartSuisse 2023 - Speaker Starke

Dagmar Starke

Head of the Academy for Public Health in Düsseldorf (comm.)

SmartSuisse 2023 - Speaker Steffen

Thomas Steffen

President Public Health Schwitzerland / President Patient Safety Switzerland

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Petteri Taalas

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Barbara Thalmann

SmartSuisse 2023 - Speaker Uttinger

Ursula Uttinger

Uttinger Dateschutz

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Leonie van den Beuken

SmartSuisse 2023 - Speaker Graffenried

Alec von Graffenried

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Petra Zimmermann

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Beat Züsli