VBSA Verband der Betreiber Schweizerischer Abfallverwertungsanlagen

Short description

VBSA is the largest waste management association in Switzerland. Sorting plants, waste-to-energy plants, hazardous waste treatment plants and landfills - our members form the backbone of Switzerland's waste management infrastructure. Together we enable the circular economy.

  • MUT - Schweizer Treffpunkt der Umwelttechnik
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About us

Our raw materials are the residues from the circular economy. These are wastes that cannot be directly recycled.

We are committed to transparent, reliable and environmentally friendly handling of the residues from the circular economy. In doing so, we pursue four concrete goals:

From the residues of the circular economy we want to (1) use as much energy as possible and (2) recover as many metals as possible. In doing so, we want to (3) release as little CO2 as possible and the residues that remain after this intensive treatment should (4) be able to be landfilled without any concerns.

Carbon capture, hydrometallurgical treatment of incineration residues and recycling of minerals, complete recovery of metals from slag - these are the technologies we want to develop in Switzerland. For future-proof waste management, in Switzerland and worldwide.