Swiss Association for Autonomous Mobility (SAAM)

Short description

As the leading autonomous mobility platform in Switzerland, SAAM aims to shape the mobility of tomorrow sustainably by providing a place of exchange and collaboration between its members with a focus on concrete projects and by accompanying new policies.


  • O Regulation, Standards & Policies
  • O Future of Mobility
  • O Intelligent Mobility
  • O Transport Networks

About us

Autonomous mobility can only be adressed in a holistic approach. For this reason, SAAM is organised in Streams and Working Groups. The Streams aim to study specific aspects of autonomous mobility, such as regulation, social acceptance and technology. Working Groups enable members to work together on specific topics in an interdisciplinary format. Through this organisation, SAAM intends to create value and outputs thanks to concrete exchanges of information & know-how between members and by carrying out innovative projects accross Switzerland.