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We provide a solution for area-wide real-time air quality monitoring and contextual insights and analysis with high spatial and temporal resolution and regulatory accuracy.

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About us

Hawa Dawa forms the basis for a new digital knowledge network for resilient and climate-neutral cities and forward-looking businesses. The focus is on facilitating the use of meaningful environmental data in decision-making. Hawa Dawa compiles air quality data from all available sources, from satellites to ground-based public monitoring stations to IoT sensors, and correlates it with use-case-specific data, such as traffic. These insights are made available on intuitive dashboards, annotated APIs and deep-dive analytics reports. The data covers the full range from historical to real-time to predictive and simulation.

Hawa Dawa uses state-of-the-art sensor technology, IoT, AI, machine learning and cloud services to provide A-class air quality data in high spatial and temporal resolution.

The international team consists of engineers, software specialists and data analysts, experts in sensor technology, satellite and traffic modelling, and business developers. Hawa Dawa covers the entire spectrum: from consulting and data management to analysis and forecasting, complemented by proprietary hardware that enables greater coverage with relevant measurement points both temporally and spatially as needed.