FUB Forschungsstelle für Umweltbeobachtung AG

Short description

We are an independent Swiss analytic laboratory specialized in immission measurements using passiv samplers (core area airborne nitrogen as well as particles/dust). Further we are a key player in the Swiss community of moss identification and mapping.


  • O Data, BI-Analytics & Plattforms

About us

We are an independent Swiss company, that offers high quality services in the field of environmental monitoring and moss identification.

Our portfolio of environmental monitoring includes passive and active sampling for gases and aerosols as well as different methods for dust and particle determination.

Our experts in our department for mosses are qualified to identify all moss species found in Switzerland and offer our clients vegetation assessments and biodiversity monitoring.

We can look back to an experience of several decades that allows us to offer custom-fit monitoring concepts, scientifically funded reports as well as advisory services for our clients. Accurate laboratory work is a key competence of our committed team and thus we can provide our clients with high quality measurements and reliable results.