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Future Mobility

Future Mobility - Presented by Frank M. Rinderknecht, CEO, Rinspeed AG | Martin Neubauer, Managing Director, Swiss Association for Autonomous Mobility SAAM | 42hacks.

Moderation: Eugen Da Pra

11.30 - 11.45 h
Innovative sustainability and efficiency in deliveries: Mobile parcel stations help to avoid a city gridlock
Frank M. Rinderknecht, CEO, Rinspeed AG
The journey to pilot tests and series production. Mobility pioneer Frank M. Rinderknecht: According to the latest study, every second delivery vehicle is redundant. “CitySnap” reduces traffic volume, emissions and costs – the focus is on customer comfort and efficiency. The “CitySnap” proof-of-concept vehicle shows a possible solution for an innovative, sustainable and efficient delivery that can be implemented at short notice. “Customer focus” is the motto Rinspeed lives by. The customer – so the person – is the main focus in all regards. Rinspeed’s CEO, Frank M. Rinderknecht, is certain of one thing: “People want more and more convenience and simplicity in their lives, but also more and more sustainability”. This unique delivery solution offers both. 

11.45 - 12.00 h
Hands off the wheel or No Risk = No Progress
Martin Neubauer,
Managing Director, Swiss Association for Autonomous Mobility SAAM
The presentation shows the most important challenges, goals and fields of action of the Swiss Association for Autonomous Mobility (SAAM). Many transport companies in Switzerland have already done pioneering work and launched a large number of pilot projects in the field of automated driving and on-demand. However, the mobility of the future must be considered across all sectors. In order to advance the mobility transition and successfully implement sustainable mobility concepts and innovative business models, the public sector, car manufacturers, mobility service providers, the transport industry and the energy sector must work together on solutions. The association brings together a variety of important stakeholders through an interdisciplinary approach. SAAM promotes networking and cooperation between its members. Thanks to the synergies created, projects are developed jointly in a cost- and resource-optimised manner.

12.00 - 12.15 h
Presentation to be announced shortly

Speakers (2)

Frank M. Rinderknecht

Frank M. Rinderknecht

CEO, Rinspeed

Martin Neubauer

Martin Neubauer

Managing Director, Swiss Association for Autonomous Mobility SAAM

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