Block B Plenary presentation

Block B Plenary presentation The second keynote speech in the plenary will be given by Thomas Rau, architect and recognised thought leader of the Circular Economy, Amsterdam.

Moderation: Jeannine Borer

Guided by the future
Thomas Rau, Architect and recognised thought leader of the Circular Economy
Until now, we have mainly been dealing with present issues, whereas we should be dealing with what is necessary and urgent. When what is necessary becomes topical, you are too late and we call it a crisis. The current crises currently taking place globally, sadly and painfully expose this case.

According to architect Thomas Rau, however, these crises are the perfect opportunity to speed up the topics that are urgent. ‘Yes, we know that that which we have deal with is uncomfortable. But so what. Nobody has said it was going to be comfortable. Uncomfortable measures are required on the road to a circular economy. Let's not lapse into an old reflex, by wanting to open coal-fired power plants again. That is the worst thing you can do

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Thomas Rau

Thomas Rau

Architekt und anerkannter Vordenker der Circular Economy, Amsterdam