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We take care of our environment

THORN Nighttune is an innovative lighting technology for outdoor areas. With it, we take maximum consideration for people, animals and the environment by not only dimming the illuminance, but additionally adjusting the light color according to the situation.

Protection for the night sky

Lighting designers and planners must use light responsibly at night. Until now, it has not been possible to find a simple and effective solution to this problem. That is why Thorn has launched NIGHTTUNE. 

NIGHTTUNE adapts the light emitted by an outdoor LED luminaire and its color temperature at night to the exact time of day, as well as to the volume of traffic and the people, animals and plants in the area influenced by public lighting.

The objective was to optimize nighttime lighting while minimizing the impact on the illuminated environment and its ecosystem. Together with NIGHTTUNE and the Darksky label, we succeed in doing this for a large number of our outdoor luminaires.

Outdoor areas are lit at night to make urban areas accessible, breathe life into them, and create safe environments for all of us. However, we must be considerate in doing so. The night sky is extremely precious and must be protected as much as possible. Stray light should not affect people or disturb residents. Equally important is the need not to affect animal behavior, which endangers nocturnal wildlife and prevents it from finding shelter and food.

Interested in this innovative and environmentally friendly technology? Then visit us at the Smart Suisse booth S3, which we share in cooperation with our partner Bouygues Energy & Services.

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