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SmartSuisse is a strategy congress with accompanying exhibition addressing the most high-potential smart city issues. The event offers a unique blend of strategy and concrete solutions, and a cross-industry approach aimed at strengthening networks between the public sector and business and science. SmartSuisse is aimed at all those wishing to shape the urban life of tomorrow in an active and sustainable approach. The fourth edition of SmartSuisse includes a symposium and a congress, which now includes various parallel series on Governance, Mobility, Energy & Environment and Infrastructure.

New event format for 2021

Brand Director Julien Rousseau talks about the upcoming SmartSuisse event.

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Program October 28th 2021

Congress Program
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Speakers 2021

Michael Lake, CEO Leading Cities, Boston
Dr. Estefania Tapias, Smart Cities Consultant at onepoint in Paris. ETH Zurich alumna and former researcher listed in Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2018.
Thomas Rau, Architekt und anerkannter Vordenker der Circular Economy 

Prof. Dr. Carlo Ratti

Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Carlo Ratti

«The best role governments can play, is more to allow citizens to take action, is really more to create a platform so the citizens themselves can force urban innovation. And I think it's more like thinking bottom up instead of top down.»

Exhibit and speak

These exhibitors are taking part at SmartSuisse. 


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Overview Program 2021

These contents will be presented to you by speakers from Switzerland and abroad.